S.Nanbu@@1996@@El Dorado Lodge

First of all I am a just avarage angler.
I am talking about only what I think and how I feel.
Even I am not a pro and probably also you would be.

So why aren't you free to enjoy bass fishing?

It might happens sometimes that I tell you something strange.
It is that this page is based on my experience.
We had better not stick to what books saying or what the theory being.

In that way, retain an interest in this.

Reservoir "T"

I haven't had enough knowledge about this.
Although it has been such a long time after I had started bass fishing.

Considering Heddon Dying Flutter.
I have never been able to use it to work well.

If you have been using the Dying Flutter over this year.
I really want you to talk about what the attractive of Dying Flutter is.
Whether your experience of bass fishing is only one year.